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Enrolling your child in Kumon is the first big step
in supporting both
your child’s personal and academic growth

Kumon Instructors determine a starting point at just the right level for your child after
discussion with you and reviewing the results of your child’s Diagnostic Test.

Finding the nearest Centre and attending a Parent Orientation are the first steps to ensuring that your child gets off to a great start studying with Kumon.

Relevant helpful information to assist you in creating an image of the financial requirements when enrolling your child in Kumon.

Here is some important information you will need to know when considering withdrawing
from the programme or resuming your child's Kumon study.

Changing Locations and concerned about your child's Kumon study? You can continue
Kumon in your new location.

Student Testimonials

Read the experiences of those students Kumon has helped nurture.

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Kumon Fuels Desires into Strong Vision

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Kumon Prepares Kids for Challenges

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Advanced Learning Builds Character

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on weekdays
(except public holidays)

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